Counsel Stage '18

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Wed. Apr. 18, 6 PM White
Thu.  Apr. 19, 6 PM, Green
Fri.   Apr. 20, 7 PM, White
 Sat.  Apr. 21, 7 PM, Green
Our Lady Of Good Counsel School
23 W. Prospect Avenue
Moorestown, NJ 08057

856-778-8357 ·  info@MoorestownTheaterCompany.org  ·   Tickets: $10 (+ $2 Processing Fee on all tickets)

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The story begins near the Nonnberg Abbey in Salzburg, Austria, before World War II.  An Abbey postulant, ‘Maria Rainer’, is on the nearby mountainside regretting leaving the beautiful hills ("The Sound of Music") where she was raised.  The ‘Mother Abbess’ and the other nuns consider what to do about her ("Maria").  She apologizes for singing in the garden without permission, and the Mother Abbess joins her in song ("My Favorite Things").  The Mother Abbess tells her she should spend time outside the abbey to see if she is ready for the monastic life.  She will act as the governess to ‘Captain Georg von Trapp’s’ seven children.

Maria arrives at Captain von Trapp’s villa; he is a decorated World War I Captain of the Austro-Hungarian Navy.  He explains her duties and summons the children, who march in, clad in uniforms.  He teaches her their individual signals on his boson's whistle, but she openly disapproves of this militaristic approach. Alone with them, she breaks through their wariness and teaches them the basics of music ("Do-Re-Mi").

Young messenger ‘Rolf’ delivers a telegram and meets outside with the oldest von Trapp child, ‘Liesl’.  He claims he knows what is right for her because he is a year older ("Sixteen Going on Seventeen").  He kisses her hand, and he runs off, leaving her screaming with joy.  Meanwhile, the housekeeper, ‘Frau Schmidt’, gives Maria material to make new clothes.  She sees Liesl slipping in through a window, but agrees to keep her secret.  The other children are frightened by a sudden thunderstorm.  Maria sings to distract them (“The Lonely Goatherd”).

Captain von Trapp arrives a month later with ‘Max Detweiler’, a ‘friend’ of the family.  Rolf enters, looking for Liesl, and greets them with "Heil", a German salute.  The Captain orders him away, saying that he is Austrian, not German.  Maria and the children leapfrog in, wearing play clothes she made from old drapes.  The furious Captain sends them off to change.  She tells him that he needs to love them, and he angrily orders her back to the abbey.  As she apologizes, the children sing ("The Sound of Music" - Reprise), which Maria taught them to welcome the Captain upon his return home.  He joins in, and then embraces them.  Alone with Maria, he asks her to stay, thanking her for bringing music back to his house.

The Captain gives a party to ease political tensions.  One of the von Trapp children, ‘Kurt’, asks Maria to teach him to dance (“The Ländler”).  When he is unable to negotiate a complicated step, the Captain steps in to demonstrate.  He and Maria dance until they come face-to-face, and she breaks away, embarrassed and confused.  Another of the von Trapp children, ‘Brigitta’, tells Maria that she and the Captain are really in love with each other.  Max asks Georg to let the children say goodnight to the guests with a song ("So Long, Farewell").  Max is amazed at their talent and wants them for the annual Saltzburg Music Festival, which he is organizing.  The guests leave for the dining room, and Maria slips out the front door with her luggage.

At the abbey, Maria says that she is ready to take her monastic vows; but the Mother Abbess realizes that she is running away from her feelings.  She tells her to face the Captain and discover if they love each other, and that, by searching for it, she must find the life she was meant to live ("Climb Ev'ry Mountain").

Max teaches the children to sing on stage. When the Captain leads them, they complain he is not doing it ‘like Maria did’.  They try to cheer themselves up by singing ("My Favorite Things" - Reprise), but are unsuccessful, until they hear Maria singing on her way to rejoin them.  Alone, he and Maria finally admit their love, and decide to get married.

While the newlyweds are away on their honeymoon, Max prepares the children for the Saltzburg Festival. The Captain and Maria return early, and in view of developments, he refuses to allow the children to sing in the Festival.  Max argues that they would be singing for Austria, but the Captain says the Austria he knew no longer exists.   The Captain reads a telegram that offers him a commission in the German Navy.  He consults Maria and decides that they must secretly flee Austria. ‘Franz’, the von Trapp’s butler, brings in German ‘Admiral von Schreiber’, accompanied by ’Herr Zeller’ and Rolf, to find out why the Captain has not answered the telegram.  The Admiral says the German Navy holds Georg in high regard, offers him the commission, and tells him to report immediately to Bremerhaven.  Maria says that he cannot leave yet, as they are all singing in the Festival concert, and the Admiral agrees to wait until after it.

At the concert, Max brings out the Captain's guitar, so can sing with his family (“Edelweiss”).  The Captain then asks the audience to sing the song again (“Edelweiss” - Reprise), as the Austrian national flower becomes a declaration of loyalty to the country itself.  Max asks for an encore and announces that this is the von Trapp family's last chance to sing together, as the honor guard waits to escort the Captain to his new command.  While the judges decide on the prizes, the von Trapp children sing ("So Long, Farewell" - Reprise), leaving the stage in small groups.  Max then announces the runners-up, stalling as much as possible. When he announces that the first prize goes to the von Trapp Family and they do not appear, the German soldiers realize that they have escaped.  The family hides at the Abbey.  A nun tells them that the borders have been closed.  The family flees over the Alps as the nuns sing ("Climb Ev'ry Mountain" - Reprise).

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